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You can feel natural clean aroma and enjoy the simplicity in fragrance.

This bottle will last for 2 months in average everyday use!
It is perfect for travelling or just to carry it in your purse.

Always with you!

Made in USA. Packed in UK.

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All oils are made to use on skin.

Product contains: 30 % PERFUME, Aloe + vitamin E and High A grade cosmetic oil.

This product is easy to use  direct on clean skin.  Just roll – on! You can choose places where you mostly like to have a scent ( hand wrists, neck or other places on body) Do not use in intimate places or in places where skin is very sensitive, because of high perfume concentrate. If irritations happens, wash with a plenty of water and discontinue to use.

You can put a fragrance on your hands and then slightly  go to your hairs and all over your clothes if you wish to. You will feel the scent in your clothes for longer time, than on skin, because of body processes.

Do not put oil directly from bottle to clothes! Even if that happens, it is washable!

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*Ari Ariana Grande – woman, *Moonlight Ariana Grande – woman, *Sweet like Candy Ariana Grande – woman


Medium (10ml)